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Heidi Barrett

What a fantastic live stream last night with Scott Jordon of Cellars of Sonoma, and his guest winemaker Heidi Barrett. You may know her name from many Napa cult wines, such as iconic Screaming Eagle. Scott poured the line-up of Heidis' La Sirena label while getting wine geeky. Great to be joined by fellow wine bloggers Jodi Fritch, Dan Goderis, Dezel Quillen, and Grace Hoffman.

We all had the opportunity to drink the La Sirena Calistoga (Napa Valley) Syrah with Scott and Heidi as they talked about the wines, and we asked her questions. The wines coming from Cellars of Sonoma have thus far proven to be special, however, it is that unknown surprise in most cases. The wines they offer are boutique production, and in many cases only a few hundred cases of each wine are produced. We get this opportunity to discover some unfamilar small families' wine. Each time has been an exciting and fun discovery. 

Last night was different for a few reasons. One: Heidi Barrett is known as the Babe Ruth of winemakers, so we all came in excited out of the gate. Two: Some of us bloggers (myself included) have tasted her wines and know when you crack a bottle of hers, it becomes an event.

I have been fortunate enough to taste her La Sirena line-up, and I must say she makes some very special wines. As we approached last night, I think it was the first time we bloggers all had our evening dinner specially planned for this Syrah.

Penne with Italian Sausage 

Over the weekend I selected penne with Italian sausage, porcin, portobello Mushrooms, drizzeled fresh cut basil, and asiago cheese. The pairing was perfect and the wine was fantastic.

La Sirena Syrah

The 2005 library Syrah color showed it slight age with a touch of browning on the outside. On the pallet: plum, currant, rasberry, mineral components, sage, pepper, with just a kiss of oak and a finish that went on like a marathon runner. This Syrah is balanced like a high wire act making it clear across Niagra Falls and back. 

I appreciate the La SIrena Syrah big time, however, it is highly recommended to taste all of her wines. The Cabernet and Pirate are unbelieveable and worthy of exploration. There is just something special about many smaller production wines, and this is certainly special wine. (Anyone interested in her wines can be purchased/tasted at Cellars of Sonoma)


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