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Superbowl food and wine pairing -  

Saying the word "Superbowl" instantly gives thoughts, feelings and images to many of us. I view the Super Bowl as a special holiday that includes: friends, family, food, alcohol, commercials, and maybe even acid reflux. Maybe it would be better said if I just used the word "party."

Whenever there are parties that involve feeding large groups of people, I often begin to think about the "how." I look for ways to provide tasty foods that are easy preparation, wines that pair, and if possible not to break the bank. 

Here are my top 10 Super Bowl wine pairings -


  • Pizza - 
  • Barbera (Vista del Rey, Paso Robles, CA) 
  • Sangiovese (Still looking, do you have a favorite?)


  • Beef tacos - 
  • Syrah ("Tour les Jour" Andrew Murray Vineyards, Santa Ynez, CA)  
  •  Cabernet Franc ("Chukker" Happy Canyon Vineyard,              Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA)


    BBQ Ribs

  • BBQ pork ribs - 
  • Grenache (Cowhorn, Applegate Valley, OR)  
  • Syrah (Curtis, Santa Ynez, CA)


Chicken Wings -

Riesling - Go fish

Gewurztraminer - (Claborne & Churchill, Edna Valley, CA) 

Grüner Veltliner - (Not much produced in the US, but "The Habbit" is doing small batch in Santa Ynez. I have not tasted, but heard very good things. I have tasted the vineyards fruit however, and very nice)

  • Chili -
  • Mourvedre (Tolo, Paso Robles, CA / Curtis, Santa Ynez, CA)
  • Merlot (Goose Ridge, Columbia Valley, WA)
  • If it's real spicy go with most any beer (Try Singha, from Tailand)


Hamburgers -

Primitivo - (Castoro Cellars, Paso Robles, CA) 

Tempranillo (Longoria, Santa Ynez, CA)


Pulled Pork -

GSM (Grenache Syrah Mourvedre) ("Cuvee Christie," Tercero Santa Ynez, CA) or

Cabernet Franc ("Chukker," Happy Canyon Vineyards, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA


Ceviche -

Sauvignon Blanc (Vogelzang, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA) (Storm, Santa Ynez, CA) (3CV AKA Cimarone, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA)   

Pinot Blanc - (J.Wilkes Santa Maria Valley, CA)


BBQ Tri-tip or Brisket -

Tempranillo (Viader, Napa Valley, CA)  

Cab/Syrah (Select Vintages - Buttonwood Farms and Vineyards, Santa Ynez, CA)

Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes/Brownies -

Grenache - (Autonom, Santa Ynez, CA)

Most beers


Whomever you might share the Superbowl with, whatever you might eat or drink, have fun and be safe. What are your favorite things to have at a Superbowl party? 


  • Winery Sage
    Posted Monday 28 January 2013 21:05
    Great post! We're looking at writing one that pairs wines and Super Bowl foods, too. I'd love to think that every Super Bowl party we could go to would have ceviche, but I'm not sure! Maybe time to upgrade our friends!
  • Gunman
    Posted Wednesday 30 January 2013 00:10
    Right now my "go to" cheap California Sangiovese is Stolpman's La Coppa. Saddle Peak Lodge served it as the pairing with a rabbit roulade. Really well balanced wine that plays well with food.

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