Sample Policy

Submitting Samples for Review

If you are interested in submitting wine samples for review, please email for CA shipping address. 

Review Policy 

Wandering Wino appreciates your efforts to the wine community and takes reviews seriously. Our goal with each bottle is to consume in all of the right conditions to give your wine the ability to shine at its very best. All wines are served at appropriate temperatures and given time to breath when appropriate. The bottles are opened, tasted immediately, then left to sit and taste over the course of anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the wine. The wine is always re-tasted the following day after being gassed and kept cold overnight. 

We attempt in most cases to pair the wine(s) with an appropriate meal. Again, our intention is to allow your wine to shine. Each wine submitted will have a photo included with the review (similar to below and seen in the blog). 

The intention of our wine reviews is to promote your brand with a solid recommendation to consumers. We appreciate all samples and make no guarantee they will receive media coverage. We are glad to provide any feedback upon request, even should no media coverage occur. 

Each sample will have the opportunity to be featured in our annual 'Wines That Will Blow Up Your Skirt' which is our top wines tasted from the year. In addition, there have been occasions that wines submitted have been discussed in my wine segment on KVTA 1590 News-Talk.   

Important Shipping Information

Please provide tracking number via email when shipment is sent. Wandering Wino does not accept responsibility for undelivered wines or that are returned. Email or printed copies of tech sheets including MSRP and or winery prices are appreciated, and can help expedite a reviews posting. 


Photo Included With Wine Review