The Wino

Shawn Burgert's wine segment can be heard on KVTA 1590 News-Talk on the Tom and Sandy Show, Sat 7:00-9:00 AM. The number one AM radio station in the "805" and number one radio show on KVTA. I am a videographer and photographer. 

Ever wonder why there are restaurant reviews, restaurant critics, endless wine reviews, and nothing for wineries and wine tasting rooms? I wondered the same thing one day when seeking out a useful tool for planning my wine trips. After my initial amazement of finding nothing, I ignored my promptings to start Wandering Wino for a time. 

Throughout my life of working the restaurant industry, I grew a Champagne taste on a beer budget while hitting the wine trail. I wanted to travel to as many wineries as possible always fearing that if I stopped I just might miss something. I have been accused many times of being a wine connoisseur, so much so you might think I could spell the word. My response has always been the same; "do you know the difference between a connoisseur and a wino?" Answer; "a connoisseur takes the bag off the bottle." To my critics, I am slowly reading towards level one of sommelier foundations and may later attempt to become certified. 

Anyone snobby about wine quickly forgets the fact that at the end of the day, wine is a grown crop from a dirt field, made by farmers fueled by God's weather. I would rather be dubbed a wino than a connoisseur, and my inherit ability to speak fluent sarcasm makes it all the more fitting. Integrity and trust is what my business is built  upon. Without it, I am finished.

Wandering Wino is all about a community of people sharing their experiences for others benefit to plan wine trips. It is also about a desire to learn more about wine and anything related through interviews featured, blog, and hearing from those hitting the wine trail. Hit the wineries tab and read reviews, or write your own.