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Divisive aspects of wine.

Top 10 Wine Debate

Barrels in Cave


The debate is on! Wine has been produced for thousands of years and mainly for the simple pleasure of consumption. Grapes are a crop grown in a dirt field under farmers hands and Gods weather. If you've ever been in a vineyard during harvest time, you know much of the romance is quickly tossed out the window once getting in a very cold vineyard at 4:00 AM. Add the element of being covered in grape juice, spiders,  yellow jackets, back breaking work, suddenly the element of sommeliers, restaurants, and wine pairing dinners  is quickly out the door. Despite ...

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Wine Civil War - Why Do We Do It?


I try to spend a little time listening to what others are saying about wine. I read print, pro-media, books, and blogs. I also watch videos and like to ask people about their perspective. I hear many writers and winemakers saying things like, "drink what you like" and "I'm non-pretentious". It's that "come on in, the water is fine" type of vibe. Some really mean it. I'm also hearing very divisive apspects people choose about wine, in a very vocal manner.

What am I talking about? Chardonnay, oak vs no oak. I'm talking about this region ...

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