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R.Stuart Big Fire Pinot Noir

(This wine was a sample provided by R.Stuart) 

When it comes to food and wine, most of us gain some type of excitment when we see things like: that special dish that only your grandmother makes at Thanksgiving, or when someone brings me guava jelly from Flordia or Hawaii, or a Pizza from a 50+ year old Italian restaurant that is 35 miles away. These types of special things that you only have once in a while, but when you even just see or hear the thought of having it simply gets you excited, and may even make your ...

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Picpoul Blanc

Sample supplied by Kandarian Wine Cellars 

I have heard some wine experts mention various number of wine varietals in the world. Some have said the number is unknown and new discoveries continue. I have also heard other winemakers suggest 7,000,10,000, and even 14,000+ different varietals. That means if  an adventourous wine lover wanted to try two new wines a day, it would take them nearly 20 years  just get through them all with no sick days.

When it comes to Rhone's, there are many that I would call, "Rhone to the bone." Those Rhone hounds ...

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