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Santa Barbara Restaurant Pays Homage in Wine Country


For wine travelers, great wine and dining experiences are often a partnership. That partnership may be dependant on great palettes, pairings, or simply an appreciation for the sensory experience. Nearly any wine traveler will appreciate stepping into hisory at the new Mattei's Tavern located in Los Olivos, just off Highway 154.


Mattei's Tavern Bar

Mattei's Tavern partner and chef, Robbie Wilson, may be among the very best in the culinary world, but you would not know it with his humble approach, demeanor, and complete lack of pretense. I had the opportunity to sit down with Chef Robbie and discuss things that ...

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E11even - Pinot Noir!

Andrew Murray Pinot Noir

If you are familiar with wine from the Santa Barbara region, no doubt you have some familarity with Mr Rhone, otherwise known as Andrew Murray Vineyards. Andrew Murray has been a posterboy for high quality Syrah and other Rhone varietals for more than 20 years. 

(Sample Provided by Andrew Murray Vineyards)

It might be difficult for some outside of the region to talk about Santa Barbara without the mention of Sideways, Merlot, or Pinot Noir. Some may recall a scene in the movie that mentioned the lone Syrah that the Pinot Noir loving Miles was excited about.....if you guessed ...

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3CV Cimarone Sauvignon Blanc 

Civil unrest for #CabernetDay 

Today is Cabernet day. As I sit in my home currently over 90 degrees and contemplate which bottle to drink for this Summer day, I cannot over come the heat element. Who doesn't love the king of grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon? I dig it, but cannot bear the thought of drinking Cabernet without sitting on a block of ice or at the very least leaning my head inside the refrigerated section of the grocery store.


While many will undoubtedly be sitting poolside basking in the Summer sun sipping Cabernet today in celebration, well, maybe not. So ...

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Andrew Murray Esperance (GSM)

Andrew Murray Wine

Andrew Murray Vineyards Esperance 2011 is a special blend of 60% Grenache, 25% Syrah, and 15% Mourvedre. The label indicates "Central Coast" as both the Grenache and Mourvedre come from West side Paso Robles, while the Syrah is Santa Ynez Valley. 

The name "esperance" translates from French to English meaning "hope." A few years ago I had the honor of interviewing this legendary and humble winemaker that major wine press put on the "watch list" when he is just 20 about years old. I am pretty sure he can still fly on airplanes without issue, as that is an entirely ...

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Grenache Blanc, a Forgotten Grape?

Tercero Grenache Blanc

When I was a little boy, I often liked the idea of expoloration. My cousin and I would explore in our grandparents basement finding all kinds of fun and interesting discoveries from past decades. I even recall surfacing with a photo of my grandparents with a man, and it was autographed. When I inquired who the man was, I was told it was a night they had dinner with Johhny Cash in the early '60's. It might have been the first time I had heard that name, and it was a very cool discovery.

I don't think I ...

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3CV / Cimarone Sauvignon Blanc

3CV Sauvignon Blanc

Some of you may be "in the know" that Cimarone just opened the doors of their new tasting room just last month in Los Olivos (Santa Barbara County). As Happy Canyon is the newest AVA to Santa Barbara County, and their are no tasting rooms there, this is a very welcome site. 

Cimarone Menu Board

Many of the very best Bordeaux varietals that are grown in Santa Barbara come from Happy Canyon. After recieving a recent Sauvignon Blanc sample during the summers last hurrah of heat, I could not wait to taste such a refreshing wine.

I do believe in eating and drinking ...

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