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Perfect Summer Wine

Perfect Summer Wine

Summer and wine is nearly its own pairing. When I stand in front of my BBQ or smoker with a glass of wine, I feel like Leonardo Di Caprio on the front of the Titanic…with my arms out wide…I’m the king of the world! 



Often times I will pour myself what I call, dinner making wine. You know that glass that just gets things going. It might be the glass one might pour for guests when they first arrive, that cheese pairing wine, …something refreshing on a Summer day. Might I suggest Albarino as a great go-to option.



Albarino is often light, crisp, and citrusly refreshing. Perhaps an Albarino you try, may even have a familar flavor charactoristic of banana fruit. A wine that nearly makes one salivate, simply contemplating the acid driven wine dance, happening with each sip. Recently, I was invited by snooth  to taste 10-Albarino’s, from perhaps the most famous Albarino regions, Rias Baxias Spain. 



Albanio Key Points:

  • Very affordable (often $8-$20)
  • Perfect Aperitif / Summer wine
  • Great acid
  • Spain / Rias Baxias is the go-to Albarino spot

Pairs Great with:

  • Shell-fish / Pan seared scallops
  • Crab Cakes
  • Tai Food / Larb
  • Fish / Cevichi 
  • Salads
  • Mango Salsa
  • Sushi

    Where to drink:

    • Picnic
    • Welcome guests wine 
    • Poolside
    • Boatside
    • Dockside
    • Beachside
    • In front of the BBQ
    • Bring to friends house 
    • With a boat, near a goat, in a box, and with a fox…..

    Albarino Picks:

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