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James Family Chardonnay

James Family Chardonny

This is my first official wine review post. Some may wonder why. The reason is simple. In many cases they simply bore me. That's not to say I have not sought out very specific wine reviews posted from others, however writing them has been unappealing personally until now.

Many of you know I do winemaker video interviews shown on my home page. Winemakers are often interesting people that can help educate me/us in enology, viticulture, and so much more. In a fun interactive live stream video,winemaker interviews are conducted by Cellars of Sonoma on Tuesday nights starting ...

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Napa Sonoma Sign

I just returned a few days ago from a half day in Napa and two days in Sonoma. I'd been to both regions before, but not during harvest. This time was different. It could be seen with the tractors driving on the main roads, and in some cases pulling grapes in loaded bins just harvested. It could be heard from the back of wineries as new barrels were filed and fork-lifts brought in grapes. It could be smelled around the tasting rooms, that harvest was here. I could sense, see, and hear from winemakers walking by, with a disheveled ...

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