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World of pinot Noir


The annual World of Pinot Noir will be held at the luxurious Bacara Resort and Spa, in Santa Barbara California, this coming March 6-7th. This annual event will show-case some of the worlds very best Pinot Noirs and Burgundy. 

The days are filled with numerous events that weekend and day pass holders can select from. Just look at the above photo showing an eight-year vertical of Burgundy. 



World of Pinot Noir


The line-up of wines in a day is like going to Disneyland and being told you have two hours to take it all in. There is so much to do, so much to ...
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Where do wine aromas really come from?


Wine Nose, Drink, Pour

Sensory Experience

R Stuart

By Madeline Blasberg



A surprising number of new wine drinkers have the common misconception that wine aromas are the result of additives introduced during the production process. However, wine aromas are the result of chemical compounds present in the wine and can be organized into 3 categories - primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas according to where they come from.



Wine Glass



Wine Aromas are anything that is sensed using olfactory perception, meaning that the nose does all the work. Humans are able to smell more than 100,000 scents but identifying them, however, is an entirely greater challenge. Wine possesses more than 900 ...

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You Might Be A WIne Geek If......

You might be a wine geek have a wine map in your car, you have a wine barrel for no apparent reason, you are on a first name basis with the UPS man, you keep a wine opener in your car, a winery knows you by name, you cringe when you see or hear White Zinfandel,

you pick your meal based on the wine you want, you own wine that you forgot about, you tag your wine, if you have a winemakers autograph, if it takes you several minutes to pick a bottle of wine, you have "Tuesday ...

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