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Bien Nacido Vines

If you have had the pleasure of drinking wine from the famed Bien Nacido Vineyards in Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara County, then you know the fruit coming out is exceptionally special. Winemakers from all over California are lined up just waiting for the chance to obtain some of the States very best fruit. 

For nearly all of the 40 years the Miller family has been working the land of their vineyards in one of the nations oldest AVA's. During that time, the family had sold all of the fruit to select winemakers like Au Bon Climate, Qupe ...
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Tendril Wine Pinot Noir

There are times you drink a wine and you have an instant response. Then there are some wines that the more you drink them, the more you like the wine. The 2010 Tendril Pinot Noir is just that type of wine that keeps you coming back to ponder.

Initially I thought this is a very nice wine, then as I continued to focus on it, the more I realized what a special wine I was drinking.

The Tendril Pinot Noir I would classify as a sneaky good wine. This is what Pinot Noir should be. 

100% Willamette Valley Appellation broken ...
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