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Tendril Wine Pinot Noir

There are times you drink a wine and you have an instant response. Then there are some wines that the more you drink them, the more you like the wine. The 2010 Tendril Pinot Noir is just that type of wine that keeps you coming back to ponder.

Initially I thought this is a very nice wine, then as I continued to focus on it, the more I realized what a special wine I was drinking.

The Tendril Pinot Noir I would classify as a sneaky good wine. This is what Pinot Noir should be. 

100% Willamette Valley Appellation broken down into sub AVA's:
  • 79% Yamhill-Carlton
  • 6% McMinnville
  • 6% Chehalem Mountains
  • 4% Eola Hills
  • 3% Ribbon Ridge
  • 2% Dundee Hills
Aged 15 months in 30% new French oak barrels. 

Aromas of dark cherry, raspberry, fresh cranberries, rose pedals, and baking spice. The front palate offered a silky velvet mouthfeel with dried cranberry, dark cherry, spice and cedar that transitioned mid palate into subtle tannins that flowed like Repunzel's hair and left me wanting more.

This Pinot Noir was built with a super structure that might require a team of engineers to recreate. As I looked into who is this winemaker, I discovered that he's been putting other wineries names on the board with stellar scores and notoriety over the years. Tendrils owner/winemaker Tony Rynders is now doing his own wine and it doesn't look like he is taking any prisoners. 

404 cases
Suggested Retail $48
This was a winery offered sample