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History often reveals revolutionaries and pioneers as brave explorers that are often greatly respected and admired. Vineyard growers and people producing wine in the Languedoc region in the south of France show all signs of being those that are planting a stake in the ground to establish something great.


The dichotomy is that while Languedoc is both the oldest and largest producing region (220K Hectares or 544K acres from the city of Nimes to Spain) in France, it is still a region that appears to be reestablishing itself in the wine world, and it deserves recognition. 
"The terroir of the ...
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J WineryRecently I had the opportunity to attend one of the greatest wine events on California's Central Coast, World of Pinot Noir. Attendees had the opportunity to taste stellar discoveries like Storm from South Africa, Leelanau Vintners Association of Michigan, and Austrialian Pinot Noirs.


I also had a chance to visit with some fantastic (personally) known producers including: Navarro (Anderson Valley), Talley (Arroyo Grande), Ryan Cochran (Santa Maria Valley)Gypsy Canyon (Sta Rita Hills),Verdad (Edna Valley)Hillard Bruce (Sta Rita Hills), Siduri (Northern CA) and many others.

Along the way I discussed Pinot Noir with some winemakers whose wine ...

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3 Tips to Drinking Wine Better

Wine Drinker,Wine Nose, Wine Pour

Drinking wine is easy, but who doesn't want to do it better? There could easily be a long list of tips and suggestions, but for simplicity this is just to drivie home just a few key points.

Wine on Ice

  • Wine should be served at optimum tempertures to bring out the best in the wine; so put away the ice bucket. A good general range is for most reds, 65 degrees, and 60 degrees for whites. If the wine is poor quality, by all means get those whites good and cold, as it will cover up mistakes in the wine. 

Wine Decanter

Decant - let ...

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Cheers In 30+ Languages

German Ladies & Man

Cheers in all languages can be heard throughout the world, and New Year's eve must be the most heavy night of this simple word, "cheers." Cultures from all over have intrigued the traveler and global minded alike. Many that like to travel, gravitate towards new adventures, discoveries, learning about how others live, their differences, their similarities and even the language.

When it comes to wine, it must be one of the most commonly linked joys amongst so many cultures in any language. On a personal level, when I worked in the corporate world, I worked with people from all ...

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