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James Family Cellars

(This bottle was a sample provided by Cellars of Sonoma

Baseball and Cellars of Sonoma are in full swing! Each week on TV-Tuesday nights at 6 PM, Scott Jordan from Cellars of Sonoma pops the tops of some of the highest quality small producers. In most cases the winemaker joins on live stream and we taste the wines and ask questions via twitter.

Kicking things off was the James Family Cellars Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast. This Chardonnay was loaded with fresh lemon peel, minerality, pineapple, carmel, vanilla with a touch of French oak and beautiful bright acidity. It was ...

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Stepping Stone - North Coast White

Stepping Stone North Coast White Wine

Cornerstone winery is offering a new line of everyday drinking wines at affordable prices. This anything but typical wine sample is a blend of Chardonnay and Gewurtztraminer produced at just under 1,000 cases. 

This fun wine offers up pear, apricot, lemon, a bit of American oak with a crisp acidity. At 13.5% alcohol this is a wine that can bring in some weight or grip from the Chardonnay and great acidity from the Gewurtztraminer. I'd suggest this would be a ideal pairing with Tai seafood, or maybe scallops with a little heat. SRP $18.00

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Not Your Grandmas' Chardonnay

When it comes to Chardonnay lets just say I could be compared to a child at the dinner table, picky. Living in California where Chardonnay is abundant, so are the varying levels of quality and styles. My personal preference leans toward a couple of styles of Chardonnay and shys from a wine that taste like an over manipulated grape that came from grandma's house.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can say Amorosa Bella from the Russian River Valley is not your grandmas' Chardonnay. Scott Jordon of Cellars of Sonoma did a live stream video ...

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James Family Chardonnay

James Family Chardonny

This is my first official wine review post. Some may wonder why. The reason is simple. In many cases they simply bore me. That's not to say I have not sought out very specific wine reviews posted from others, however writing them has been unappealing personally until now.

Many of you know I do winemaker video interviews shown on my home page. Winemakers are often interesting people that can help educate me/us in enology, viticulture, and so much more. In a fun interactive live stream video,winemaker interviews are conducted by Cellars of Sonoma on Tuesday nights starting ...

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WIne & Fire!

WIne & Fire!

Just before the event started at the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc.Wine and Fire was a fantastic celebration of 10 years of the Sta Rita Hills AVA and recognized a legend in the industry, Richard Sanford. It was 3 days of open houses, panel discussions, wine dinners, and several other special events with the grand tasting held at the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, California. There was llive music, lots of BBQ including the Hitching Post banging out some amazing grilled sliders topped with grilled onions & mushrooms and seared ahi tacos with fresh salsa and slaw. Rooney's Irish Pub in Orcutt took their sweet time smoking whole pigs all ...

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White Wine Pouring

Have you ever been stuck in a "wine bubble"? Do you know people that are? What's a "wine bubble"? These are the people that say, I only drink wines from this region, only reds, or only whites, no rose, or no merlot, desert wine, I only drink XY & Z. Sure, we all have our favorites, I do too! But step out, live a little. 

I was one of these people. For me it was rose and chardonnay. I was really, really picky about chardonnay almost to the point of saying ABC.....anything but chardonnay. I didn't start off ...

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