Party Wine

What wines to consider for your party on a budget.

Super Bowl Wine



Super Bowl Wine


Getting ready for a Super Bowl party? Last year I created a list of some of the more common super bowl foods and wines to pair.  

While creating multiple dishes and wine to pair in a party atmosphere is a lot of fun, I thought about how many people may simply want to buy one wine. Reviewing the list of some of the great Super Bowl foods, I kept coming back to these key foods:





BBQ Ribs


Buffalo WIngs



Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork 

Tri Tip 




These are Super Bowl staples, and any party ...

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Wine Glass

Superbowl food and wine pairing -  

Saying the word "Superbowl" instantly gives thoughts, feelings and images to many of us. I view the Super Bowl as a special holiday that includes: friends, family, food, alcohol, commercials, and maybe even acid reflux. Maybe it would be better said if I just used the word "party."

Whenever there are parties that involve feeding large groups of people, I often begin to think about the "how." I look for ways to provide tasty foods that are easy preparation, wines that pair, and if possible not to break the bank. 

Here are my top 10 ...

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Party Wine

Party Wines

Having a party? You want to have wine but don't want to break the bank? I know, but you still want something that is respectable right? If low cost is your yard stick, then not a problem, but you may need to think outside of what you normally drink. Your dollar can be stretched much farther if you are willing to be flexible. 

It will be impossible to cover everything but I'll share some guidelines that may help the masses. Who are your guests and what are they accustomed to drinking? Everyone coming knows its a party ...

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