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BBQ Ribs

Superbowl BBQ sauce! Here is a little something to get you and your guests ready for the big game!

A few years of my life I lived in Texas. Many have heard something along the lines of "there are three things in Texas…..God, football, and BBQ, and not always in that order." 


From my time and experience living in the Dallas area, I can verify this is in fact true. High schools have sold out football games with scoreboards better than many colleges in other States. There is a church on just about every corner. Anyone on the block ...

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Wine Glass

Superbowl food and wine pairing -  

Saying the word "Superbowl" instantly gives thoughts, feelings and images to many of us. I view the Super Bowl as a special holiday that includes: friends, family, food, alcohol, commercials, and maybe even acid reflux. Maybe it would be better said if I just used the word "party."

Whenever there are parties that involve feeding large groups of people, I often begin to think about the "how." I look for ways to provide tasty foods that are easy preparation, wines that pair, and if possible not to break the bank. 

Here are my top 10 ...

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The Chardonnay Symposium

Top wines of 2012 - There are wines to save up and splurge,wines to stand upright in your cellar when company visits to show off that '45 Bordeaux. Then there are the wines for the people in the villages… me. 

This is the Wandering Wino second edition of wines that blow up your skirt. As I stated in last years post, I am not a cross dresser, but this is a simply American phrase used to say these are wines I really like and stood out to me. These are wines that are mostly available without the need for ...

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Savor Central Coast Dinner

Santa Barbara wine country is known for its high quality wine and when it comes to wine tasting, the question nearly always arises of "Where is a good place to eat?"

Begining January 20-26, Santa Barbara or more specificly Santa Ynez Valley initiates restaurant week. 


Root 246

(Photo - above Root 246)

Restaurants throughout the Santa Ynez Valley will offer a special 3-course tasting menus for $20.13 not including tax, tip or beverages. Some restrictions may apply and reservations may be required. This is a great opportunity to try some amazing restaurants for a fantastic price.

Chef Rick & Alfonso Curti

Chef Rick and Chef Alfonso Curti ...

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