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Occupy Syrah

Syrah Shiraz

A few weeks ago, Bill Eyer, AKA @Cuvee_Corner tweeted about #occupysyrah. It sounded interesting, and as a big time Rhone wine lover, I was intrigued. I quickly got behind this wine movement. Think of me as the bar back in the movement.

As far as politics goes, that is a whole different thing, and we'll leave that for the evening news. This is about Syrah and simply has a catchy name. Marie Payton of #winechat had things lined up for Shiraz and Suzanne Barros from Wines of Austraila. It seemed simply synergistic to drink Shiraz/Syrah, and have some ...

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I've often said there are two kinds of people in the world; "those that get it," and "those that don't." Those of us that do "get it," have fallen into the other box at times. These are called our stupid moments in life, or as I like to play my "man card" as a momentary laps of reason. Most of a single year between my 19th birthday and 20th was also in the "those that don't" bucket.

I've seen some posts recently relating to social media which can be a form of customer service, and ...

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