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Perfect Summer Wine

Perfect Summer Wine

Summer and wine is nearly its own pairing. When I stand in front of my BBQ or smoker with a glass of wine, I feel like Leonardo Di Caprio on the front of the Titanic…with my arms out wide…I’m the king of the world! 



Often times I will pour myself what I call, dinner making wine. You know that glass that just gets things going. It might be the glass one might pour for guests when they first arrive, that cheese pairing wine, …something refreshing on a Summer day. Might I suggest Albarino as a great go-to ...

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Where do wine aromas really come from?


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Sensory Experience

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By Madeline Blasberg



A surprising number of new wine drinkers have the common misconception that wine aromas are the result of additives introduced during the production process. However, wine aromas are the result of chemical compounds present in the wine and can be organized into 3 categories - primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas according to where they come from.



Wine Glass



Wine Aromas are anything that is sensed using olfactory perception, meaning that the nose does all the work. Humans are able to smell more than 100,000 scents but identifying them, however, is an entirely greater challenge. Wine possesses more than 900 ...

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Australia's Top 5 Best Destinations

Wine Pour

Guest Post: Jane Roberts 


Author Bio:

Jane Robert is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of Turkish Travel Visa and she has been writing content on the web professionally since 2010. As an avid reader and blogger she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Culture, History, Lifestyle and many more.


Australia's Best Destinations For Wine Lovers


Australian wines are equal to those produced in other parts of the world. Australia is the fourth largest producer of wines and almost every country imports Australian wines. Australia has always been travellers favourite, it could also hold true for ...

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Natural Wine - Q&A

    Gary Conway Art
    (Above) Art by Gary Conway  

    Early this year I had the pleasure of walking into Carmody McKnight tasting room in Paso Robles California. Upon my visit, I learned the winery is owned by Gary Conway, an actor that starred in the late 6o's TV show "Land of the Giants."

    Gary Conway

      While tasting some very nice wines, I overheard Gary behind the bar sharing about "natural" wine. He was passionate about what he was sharing and it was a very intriguing subject. After asking some questions, we had a fantastic conversation on his vineyard/wine views.

      The term "natural wine" is ...
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James Family Chardonnay

James Family Chardonny

This is my first official wine review post. Some may wonder why. The reason is simple. In many cases they simply bore me. That's not to say I have not sought out very specific wine reviews posted from others, however writing them has been unappealing personally until now.

Many of you know I do winemaker video interviews shown on my home page. Winemakers are often interesting people that can help educate me/us in enology, viticulture, and so much more. In a fun interactive live stream video,winemaker interviews are conducted by Cellars of Sonoma on Tuesday nights starting ...

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 Happy Canyon Street Sing

If you've had the pleasure of touring Santa Barbara's wine country, you likely visited some combination of Santa Maria Valley, Foxen Trail, Los Olivos, Sta Rita Hills, downtown "funk-zone," or Santa Ynez Valley. These fantastic wine trails are posted clearly on most wine maps. Not all of the great spots are included on the maps for mainstream wine travelers to visit, and not all spots are open to the public. Today's Santa Barbara wine business has grown over the years, including new discoveries and AVA's. One of the younger AVA's (2001) in California, and more ...

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WIne & Fire!

WIne & Fire!

Just before the event started at the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc.Wine and Fire was a fantastic celebration of 10 years of the Sta Rita Hills AVA and recognized a legend in the industry, Richard Sanford. It was 3 days of open houses, panel discussions, wine dinners, and several other special events with the grand tasting held at the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, California. There was llive music, lots of BBQ including the Hitching Post banging out some amazing grilled sliders topped with grilled onions & mushrooms and seared ahi tacos with fresh salsa and slaw. Rooney's Irish Pub in Orcutt took their sweet time smoking whole pigs all ...

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Wine Festivals

Wine Festivals

It seems we are in full swing of what I call wine festival season! It is summer time and it's a great time to get out of the house even for just the day, but even better when you can turn it into a weekend away. 

There are so many to choose from it can be difficult to decide which one's to go to. In just the past few months I've been to three wine festivals and have at least four more that I'm planning to hit in the coming weeks/months. There are a lot ...

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Wine Movies

Do not ever mention the movies Sideways or Bottle Shock in a tasting room. Whatever interesting or funny comment you think you have, trust me, they do not want to hear it......and they have more than likely heard it before.

I have spent much time in the area where Sideways was filmed. I was excited when the movie first came out because I had heard they were at many of the places I know all too well and was excited to see the places on film. I am sure there was much excitement in the Santa Barbara County / Santa ...

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You Might Be A WIne Geek If......

You might be a wine geek if.....you have a wine map in your car, you have a wine barrel for no apparent reason, you are on a first name basis with the UPS man, you keep a wine opener in your car, a winery knows you by name, you cringe when you see or hear White Zinfandel,

you pick your meal based on the wine you want, you own wine that you forgot about, you tag your wine, if you have a winemakers autograph, if it takes you several minutes to pick a bottle of wine, you have "Tuesday ...

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