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White Wine Pouring

Have you ever been stuck in a "wine bubble"? Do you know people that are? What's a "wine bubble"? These are the people that say, I only drink wines from this region, only reds, or only whites, no rose, or no merlot, desert wine, I only drink XY & Z. Sure, we all have our favorites, I do too! But step out, live a little. 

I was one of these people. For me it was rose and chardonnay. I was really, really picky about chardonnay almost to the point of saying ABC.....anything but chardonnay. I didn't start off that way, it was almost a conditioning of sorts, I think. Chardonnay...well I was just so tired of wineries that just jammed packed it with over powering oak, cheap wine making processes that would bore you, and so many other bad things that could have its own blog. 

Over the course of time, drinking more and more Chardonnay's, I've learned not only are there many wineries and giant corporations that have abused these wines to nearly brain washing many into believing these wines predominantly aren't worthy of drinking outside of grandma's house. The sad thing is now those people are stuck in their "wine bubble" and refuse to step out. It's like being in North Korea and not having a clue what happens outside the rest of the world. 

Ever have a fast food burger that just tasted, well, like a fast food burger, or it made you feel bad after eating it? Have you ever taken the time to buy quality fresh meat, premium fresh ingredients and make it the old fashion way? Celebrity chef Hubert Keller has a restaurant called the Burger Bar in Las Vegas, if you've been there, you know what I'm talking about. High quality kobe beef, premium cheese, bun options galore, toppings that would shame the best pizza joints. I think there was a lot of fast food versions of chardonnay and many are unaware of the Burger Bar version of real kick butt chardonnay. Chardonnays I think, took so many consumers by storm over the past years that it simply made people tired of consuming them, and ultimately led me and many others on the big push for ABC. 

On my birthday some years back, my wife and I wine tasted at a wine legends tasting room. He is widely known in the industry for another varietal, but offered a chardonnay. I thought, why not, lets see what he's got! After our tastings my wife says, "get what you want." I requested a bottle of chardonnay, to my wife's shock, she said,"What! You're getting chardonnay?" To which I responded, "did you taste it?" She said "yes, but".......and I said, "then need I say more?" It was and still is to this day my all time favorite chardonnay I've ever tasted. 

Now to those stuck in their "wine bubbles" of ABC land, they lose in a major way. If I had said, oh no, lets just move on to the next wine, I don't drink chardonnay, I'd be the big loser on never having discovered my ultra favorite chardonnay. Working in the restaurant business the time I did have the opportunity to try many premium chardonnay producers, but this my friends was on a whole new level. Are there still bad options out there? Yes. Do I see them at friends and family's homes? Yes. Do I drink them?Typically no. Just remember, there are Hubert Keller's out there that know how to make quality. Its not all over oak or big butter, but if that is your style dive in head first. 

What's the point? Well, order something different next time you go to your favorite restaurant, try the rose, taste the chardonnay, try that wine from a different region or country. Drink your style of wine, whatever it is, just don't be afraid to branch out again and again. It wasn't until I turned 30 years old that I started eating tomatoes. Live a little and get out of the "wine bubble", I did.