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Bar Hogs!

Bar Hogs!

That's right, bar hogs! You know what I'm talking about. We have all seen in a busy tasting room one of those guys; and yes, they are typically male in gender from my experience. This is the guy that takes his place at the bar and firmly protects it like a prison guard working the tower over the yard. Wide stance, heaving leaning, oblivious to others, and/or wide elbows are his trademark.

I do not know what is going through this persons head that they have such a scarcity mentality. As if the tasting room will run out of wine if he leaves his post. He holds his position like the marines hold on to a strategic hill, not budging and firmly entrenched. All the while, there are new people coming in and just want to get their hands on a glass.

Here is a novel concept, let the new peps in! Create a semi circle so everybody can get a taste, or take turns. It's called being friendly! If this is you, repent, there is forgiveness for all and change the error of your ways. If you see this guy, create an "accident" with your wine glass and get this guy off his post. Just kidding people. 

Tasting room associates, God bless you! I see you trying to fit people into a cozy tasting room. This photo was not taken for this blog and not the best example. He wasn't all that much of a bar hog really, but he has the position down. 

So when you are in a tasting room, make it easy for those working and those wanting to dip their foot in the pool. I often step back and invite people to come in. "Come on in, the water is fine" is what I often say. Let them feel welcomed and that way they know you won't bite. You never know, they might be nice too!


  • Wesley Cook
    Posted Wednesday 30 March 2011 18:52
    Wow, you nailed it, Shawn! I work in a small yet very popular tasting room and bar hogs drive me crazy on a busy day. I often have to come out from behind the bar just to pour for the people edged out by the hogs. If only people could be as considerate as us ;)
  • Melissa Pia Bossola Beese
    Posted Thursday 31 March 2011 15:43
    So true. This is most frustrating. We are all in there to have a great winery and tasting experience. It's far more fun when everyone is friendly and open. You just might meet a new friend.....
  • Timo
    Posted Sunday 03 April 2011 18:23
    Ha, love this post :) So true! And it seems they're most prevalent in the well-known wineries where people not accustomed to tasting room etiquette are prevalent.

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