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Pinot Noir from Stepping Stone (Cornerstone)

This 2010 Pinot Noir from the Stepping Stone label was produced by Cornerstone Oregon. This sample was sent amongst others recently and I must say there were a few fun and interesting surprises. 

First off, this wine is designed to be a front line every-day type of wine but it could have fooled me. This could easily land in the weekend wine category over what many call -- "Tuesday wine." This very nice Pinot Noir was a generous, but deceptive sipper.

I say deceptive and will confess on myself by stating my experience drinking this wine.......well, if I were blind-folded and was given this wine I would have bet money it was from the Russian River and not the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I confess this knowing some may think I am crazy, or hopefully at the very least honest.

Oregon Fruit Breakdown:

45% Yamhill-Carlton 33% Eola-Amity 15% Chehalem Mountain Valley 5% Mcminnville 1% Dundee Hills 1% Ribbon Ridge

35% new French oak

The nose showed big red fruit. Cranberry was my initial impression followed by raspberry, and a nice portion of clove. Upon tasting, I experienced dried cranberry, cherry, with a bit of earthiness. At a suggested price of $30.00, and 137 cases produced, this was a very fun, interesting, and nice drinking Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir would be a lot of fun to pair with Thanksgiving, and drinks like a bit of a holiday in a beautiful artist label bottle. I would love to share this wine with others and hear their opinion. This is a wine I would want to pull out for a few wine geek friends, and pour for them blind. I really wish there were more produced. Find one for yourself and tell me......please! I'd love to hear your thoughts.